The IIG Events Mission

IIG Events raises awareness and enhances the influence of nonprofits and social impact companies, making a difference every day.

We are passionate about what we do. Why?

Because we make an impact. We give voice to change agents who are creating good in the world. As peer-to-peer influencers, we’re furthering social shifts and transforming lives in the process. Our energy arises out of our passion for what we do.

We implement event-based campaigns that allow us to foster personal connections and generate enthusiasm for the causes we promote. By attracting more support for the work of charities and ethical businesses, we help them realize their visions.

The Core Values That Guide IIG Events

We’re determined to raise awareness for important issues that deserve a lot of attention. We take social change messages and bring them to life by taking them off the computer screen and into the real world! Our approach revolves around promoting these messages through on-the-ground outreach. We build connections to give farther reach to social change efforts. In essence, we’re shaping the future through every contact we make.


Our Commitment

Student Mentality

At IIG Events, we avoid complacency at all costs. Knowing the world is constantly evolving, we stay informed of the latest trends in our industry as well as the best practices of the social change sector.

Determined Teamwork

We’re proud to be known for our work ethic. Each of our team members is dedicated to making an impact. When we use our collective voice, we make noise that cannot be ignored.

Community Service

We’ve got big ambitions that we work toward as a group. Every move we make is with the intention to reach our shared goals: enhancing the visibility of nonprofit organizations and social enterprises, and building up our community.


When we commit to something, we go all in. Driven by passion, each of us brings his or her own unique talent to the mix – from business and science to marketing and psychology. Together we shift the conversation to fuel good work. Our pride is evident in all we do.