The key objective of our IIG Events advancement track is to provide our people with the skills they need to excel as business leaders. We emphasize that one such quality the best managers have mastered is agile thinking. This skill is vital when it comes to addressing the unexpected. Here are some of the practices that can ensure leaders successfully pivot in any situation:

• Have Contingency Plans Ready: Preparation is a must in our IIG Events office. It’s not enough to have one plan. We need to have backup solutions available as well. Good contingency planning includes considering the possible directions a project could go and having options ready to replace original agendas if needed.

• Know the Audience: When it comes to communicating a change in plans, each audience needs a different level of communication. Good leaders will know what info to share with team members and other stakeholders outside the firm. For example, the team might need clarification on what roles they will need to play to manage the situation. A customer will need to know what is being done to resolve the issue.

• Respond, Not React: The main reason we advise our IIG Events team to plan ahead is it’s easier to respond to a situation this way. When we are prepared, we can be proactive (lead from the front) instead of reactive (lead from behind).

Leaders who can manage through any situation are those who can ensure sustainability. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Linkedin