We’re focused on developing strong leaders here at IIG Events HQ. Tamie, our firm’s President, explained, “We know the world needs more leaders, so we provide the tools and resources needed to grow both professionally and personally. Management is a skill our people can take into all aspects of their lives. With that as our guiding principle, we work hard to cultivate leadership abilities.”

Positivity is one trait we keep at the center of our management training efforts. Leaders who are optimistic inspire stronger performances in their team members than those who take a more reserved view. We want our future leaders to remain upbeat so they can set the right tone for everyone else.

Great leaders also have high levels of emotional intelligence. They recognize their own emotions, as well as the power these feelings have to affect others. We focus on empathy as a key element of the IIG Events leadership training program because we want our people to control their emotions as they navigate management challenges.

The ability to motivate is another core aspect of our leadership training. Setting clear goals is one of the best ways to inspire great performance, but tying these objectives to larger company missions is even more powerful. We teach our potential leaders to clarify roles and duties, which keeps everyone on the team motivated.

These concepts guide us as we create future frontrunners. Learn more about our training approach by following IIG Events on Twitter.