There is a growing trend in the business world called corporate social responsibility, of which Team IIG Events is proud to be a part. Essentially, this idea states that business leaders have an obligation to do more than make profits; they should also look for ways to make a positive impact in their communities and the world at large.

Our leadership team certainly takes this idea seriously, and they have embraced several guidelines to make our giveback efforts as effective as possible – both for the nonprofits we work with and for IIG Events. For instance, our managers always get personally involved with the causes we support. Leading by example shows us that they care about people as much as the bottom line, which encourages us to work harder in our charitable pursuits. Their integrity also inspires greater levels of trust and engagement back at the office.

Another way our decision makers approach CSR is to get people from different departments involved. This allows us to be more innovative in the ways that we give, because it gives event managers who don’t always work together the chance to get to know one another. In turn, this helps us maintain open channels of communication in the workplace, and build friendships that might not otherwise blossom.

Social awareness initiatives are as good for the companies that have them as they are for the causes being supported. Check out our IIG Events Newswire feed for more on the importance of corporate philanthropy.