Our IIG Events culture emphasizes professional and personal development at every level. We are pleased to present our people with many avenues to enhance skills that lead to advancement. We also encourage them to take ownership of their own learning path by seeking opportunities to grow outside of our program. Here are some steps anyone can take to attain more knowledge and skills:

• Take on Projects That Stretch Your Skills: One of our mottos in our IIG Events office is to break from our comfort zones and learn something new. A fast way to push our knowledge boundaries is to get involved with projects that let us showcase our talents but also try out skill areas with which we might not be completely familiar.

• Absorb Learning Materials: There are multiple resources to gain more knowledge. Online we can watch relevant TED Talks or YouTube videos that provide information or how-to steps for skills we want to learn. Books, podcasts, and other materials are readily available for us to digest and enhance our proficiencies in an area of expertise.

• Put Knowledge to Practice Fast: Once we acquire a skill, we need to use it immediately to commit it to our memory. This is why our IIG Events training program is hands-on and immersive. It gives our people an immediate chance to try out the skills we teach them.

What are some practices you’ve used to gain more knowledge on the job? To find out more about our culture, follow us on Linkedin