The value of competition is not lost on us. When people and companies challenge one another, they are motivated to keep innovating. They must be creative in order to stay ahead of the game. This is why we enjoy some friendly competition on Team IIG Events. Of course, we’re also careful to manage it in such a way that it fuels instead of hinders camaraderie.

This balance between competition and camaraderie is often understood as the goldilocks zone. Things need to be just right. One way to strike a sweet spot is to structure contests to promote team-building. For instance, office tournaments inspire people to work diligently toward goals while having fun at the same time. As people are eliminated from the tournaments, they coach and cheer on their colleagues.

We also keep team members’ unique strengths and interests in mind as we delegate tasks. Our IIG Events group is diverse, so we can fuse complementary abilities to produce high-level results. This approach to success encourages people to share their ideas and ensures that everyone feels valued.

Resources play important roles in the balance of camaraderie and competition as well. Ample tools, time, and support prevent the development of confusion and frustration. By ensuring that our team members have everything they need to excel, we get as much value as possible from our friendly contests.

Apply these methods to keep your people in the goldilocks zone, and like IIG Events on Facebook to learn more on this subject.