People of the millennial generation spend their money a bit differently than those who came before them. At IIG Events, we are pleased to report that these individuals are quite generous when it comes to giving. Scott Harrison of Charity: Water is the perfect example.

At age 28, Harrison left the nightclub scene and traveled to West Africa. There he discovered a horrific state of drinking water. Children drank from swamps and were infected with deadly diseases. Harrison was inspired to take action. He launched Charity: Water with the mission of digging wells so hundreds of millions of people could access clean water. In the process, he transformed the way people think about charity.

According to Amy Webb, who identifies digital trends for businesses and nonprofits, “Our culture is changing pretty dramatically…I think to a millennial, who’s grown up in a very different world, one that’s more participatory because of the digital tools that we have, to them they want to feel like they’re making an investment. Not just that they’re investing their capital, but they’re investing emotionally.” We at IIG Events admire this outlook.

There’s no doubt that the concept of giving has acquired more meaning in recent years. We applaud young people like Harrison for their efforts. How do you think this trend will evolve in the coming years?