Resiliency is a crucial soft skill that we promote around IIG Events HQ. In essence, it describes the ability to bounce back from disappointing results with confidence and without losing momentum in our personal and professional lives. These are two strategies we embrace to help ourselves and others become more resilient:

• Be Candid About Learning Experiences: Hiding our perceived flaws from the world is a natural reaction, but when we have the courage to be vulnerable and admit to mistakes we can learn from them and move on more quickly. “To err is human, to forgive divine,” is not just a flowery quote; it’s a reminder that everyone stumbles, but we truly reach our potential when we learn not to let past shortcomings define our futures.

• Reset Expectations to Embrace Setbacks: The, “Failure is not an option,” saying is popular in the IIG Events office too, but teams that take this mantra too seriously may make their people afraid of taking risks. This, in turn, inhibits innovation and growth. To avoid this, we’ve begun encouraging each other to take more chances and make more mistakes. This accelerates learning and increases the rate at which we succeed.

Building resiliency is not easy, but the results are more than worth the effort. See how our event managers put these strategies into practice by visiting our IIG Events Newswire page.