Staring at a difficult deadline is a true test for your leadership skills. Our IIG Events frontrunners have a few suggestions that will help you guide your team through these demanding times with poise and build greater trust in the process.

The first thing you must do is reiterate the importance of the specific deadline you need to meet. Don’t let your people get the impression that it’s a soft target, because that will lead to a more casual work ethic. Remind your team that the deadline you’re working toward is nonnegotiable, and that you need their best efforts and strongest focus now more than ever.

We at IIG Events also believe it’s important to talk through your expectations with everyone working on a given project. You can’t expect to meet tough deadlines if your team members aren’t crystal clear on what they must accomplish. Break down larger tasks into more manageable pieces to boost your odds of succeeding in the long run.

You must also listen to your people’s ideas for getting things done faster and improving processes. The more engaged your associates are in the process of meeting a looming deadline, the better results they will achieve in the final analysis.

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