It’s been an exceptional year for IIG Events. Our team members have been instrumental in developing campaigns that have helped the change agents we partner with realize their visions to create healthier communities. Four talented individuals showcased they have the talent and tenacity to turn their passion for doing good into success: Charlene, Ale, Kimiko, and Jade.

“We are happy to announce these four people have been promoted to event managers,” said Tamie, our IIG Events Director of Operations. “They’ve all been doing so well, so we’re excited that they have reached this next level in their careers with our firm.”

As Tamie noted, Charlene, Ale, Kimiko, and Jade have been responsible for helping IIG Events break national records for our partners. “They are determined individuals when it comes to crushing their goals,” she said. “Because of their hard work with peer-to-peer fundraising, we’ve been able to help change innovators generate awareness for causes that keep our youth safe and off the streets.”

In addition to their fundraising work, these four have also helped train others in our office. “Leadership involves coaching others and helping them reach their level of success,” Tamie said. “Charlene, Ale, Kimiko, and Jade have been instrumental in assisting new team members as they learn the ropes. We’re pleased to have them in this division.”

As our team grows, so does the number of people we promote. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Linkedin