There are many abilities that will help you build a helpful professional network, but our IIG Events leaders know that some popular ones aren’t actually that important. Here are a few skills that surprisingly aren’t that useful when it comes to networking.

You might think it’s good to be fearless when it comes to sparking discussion with strangers. The opposite is closer to the truth, however. This is because showing vulnerability makes you more likable right off the bat. Even if you aren’t a very confident person, you can still forge meaningful connections with skilled peers.

Being a self-promoter is another thing that won’t really aid your networking efforts. We at IIG Events believe this is because the best networking is more about the bond than what benefits can be gained from it. If you listen more than you talk, you will greatly improve your chances of making real connections.

You will also find that social media savvy will only be effective to a certain point when it comes to your networking pursuits. There’s just no substitute for personal interactions, so we urge you to use social media mostly for follow-up messages and quick check-ins. Focus your networking efforts on actual conversations whenever possible.

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