One of the words that comes up during IIG Events meetings when we discuss the qualities of truly great leaders is selfless. These are the men and women who consider everyone else’s success to be just as important as their own, and who aren’t afraid to express how much they care. To determine whether you come across as selfless, look for these clues:

• You Look for Ways to Serve Others: This doesn’t mean doing everything for our team members. On the contrary, by empowering event managers and then delegating responsibilities to them, we help them grow as IIG Events professionals. Then, our decision makers stay involved by giving guidance and support.

• Interruptions in Your Day Are Chances to Give: Leaders are busy people, with their own projects and responsibilities. On top of that, they need to be available to their crew. The best managers will not get flustered by questions from their teams, no matter how busy they feel. Instead, they look at every interaction as an opportunity to provide the above-mentioned support and guidance their people need for success.

• You Don’t Keep Score: When managers give freely of their time, energy, and expertise, two things happen. First, it makes people feel important, which supports their confidence. Second, it makes them feel powerful, because they know that the actions they take will be supported by leadership.

Selflessness is not easy for everyone, but with time and practice it can become part of anyone’s style. Follow IIG Events on Newswire for more of our thoughts on being an effective leader.