Around the IIG Events office, we know that success requires determination and lots of hard work. We also understand the learning value of achieving unexpected outcomes. If we want to solve tough problems, we realize that failure will probably greet us from time to time. We’re perfectly okay with this fact, because we’re committed to learning from less-than-ideal situations.

Taking risks is something we encourage our event managers to do. It’s only when we stretch beyond our comfort zones that we learn transformative lessons. One of the biggest points of emphasis in the IIG Events training program is overcoming the fear of failure. We want our people to bravely confront new challenges without worrying about stumbling. Tamie, our firm’s President, added, “Embracing possible failure is the key to pursuing breakthrough wins. The freedom to take risks is often what leads to the best solutions for everyone involved.”

Along with the aggressive approach we teach, we provide our event managers with all the training they need to thrive in our competitive industry. Through hands-on education, travel events, and networking, we set them on the course to lasting success. Our team members never have to wonder if their efforts are valued, either. Recognition of standout performance is a regular occurrence around our office.

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