What is a brand? In simplest terms, a brand is how we’re identified by others. It’s based on the image we create for our company and for ourselves. In our IIG Events meetings, we often discuss why it is important for us to create a strong personal brand that spells career success. Here are some pointers we strive to incorporate in our professional development.

The first factor to how we present ourselves is to understand our individual value. One recommendation we’ve discussed in our IIG Events office is to keep track of our accomplishments on a weekly basis. This simple activity can be recorded in a journal online or in a notebook. There are many benefits to this practice. One is we can visualize our progress and reflect on what we’ve achieved toward our objective. The second benefit is it encourages us to analyze trends that highlight our unique skill sets or other distinguishing factors.

Our appearance is noteworthy as well. In our IIG Events training, we reiterate the importance of dressing for success, more specifically for the professional journey we plan to follow as this enhances our confidence. One best practice is to center our wardrobe to be on par with someone at a higher level. Neatness and good hygiene are essentials.