One of the best IIG Events developmental tools at our disposal is travel. The chance to break out of our everyday routine and take a trip with our fellow event managers always yields benefits in terms of inspiration, productivity, and morale. Our most recent outing was a perfect example of just how much impact corporate travel can have.

“Some of our team members traveled to West Palm Beach, Florida for the Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within event,” shared Tamie, IIG Events’ Partner. “This was a great opportunity for our people to learn from one of the most inspirational leaders out there while also coming closer together as a team.”

The three-day convention took place in early November, and was just as powerful and rousing as you would imagine. One thing that really impressed us was the star power that Robbins attracts to his meetings – the likes of Hugh Jackman, Melissa Etheridge, and Maria Menounos all have stories of change stemming from weekends just like the one from which our team members just returned.

Aside from the events to which we journey, the act of traveling itself is a growth experience as well. Navigating a new city, trying new foods, and making new acquaintances are all horizon-expanding experiences that help us to grow as people and professionals. Throw some of Tony Robbins’ wisdom into the mix, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that our lives have been completely changed for the better.

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