Starting a new job is a nerve-wracking experience for many reasons, but the desire to perform at a high level and impress your new colleagues is a healthy thing to experience. Here are a few tips from our IIG Events career experts to help you fit in and exceed expectations when you begin with a new employer.

You need to start by gaining a clear understanding of your place in your department and within the organization. We at IIG Events recommend that you set up a meeting with your boss early in your tenure to discuss your role and how you can expect it to evolve over time. Be sure to ask if anything about the job description has been altered since you interviewed.

During this meeting with your boss, you need to establish some objectives for your first few months on the job. You can project further into the future if you wish, but the main idea here is to know how success will be measured as you move forward with the organization.

It’s also important to meet with people from other departments as you ease into a new job, because you need to know how your work will contribute to the larger company mission. You’ll be able to hit the ground running once you have a clearer picture of how your role fits into the grand scheme of things and what your colleagues expect from you.

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