We have a variety of team-building activities both in and out of the IIG Events office. Of all the things we do to strengthen our team bonds, none are more effective than retreats that take us away from our daily work. Here are a few things we keep in mind as we plan these rewarding group outings.

Perhaps the simplest consideration is how much our team members will enjoy the setting of the retreat. We try to scout every potential location as much as possible before organizing a big group outing. If there are great restaurants or other attractions wherever we’re going, we make sure to give our people opportunities to experience them.

We also leave enough time for discussions during our retreats, which allows us to talk about what we’ve learned and how we can apply those lessons to our most challenging projects back at the office. The end of the retreat is typically the most appropriate time to fit in these important conversations, because they resonate with members of Team IIG Events all the way home.

To get the most value from each retreat, we focus on specific improvements every time we venture out as a team. We’ve found that having one clear point of emphasis allows us to have more productive events than when we try to fit in a variety of different insights.

These concepts help us plan and execute rewarding team retreats. Find more of our best team-building tips by following IIG Events on Twitter.