Collaboration is more than an IIG Events buzzword; teamwork is essential to our success as a firm. That means it’s in our own best interest to stay up to date on the latest thinking and research about group dynamics and leadership. Through observation and study, we have identified a few basic traits that all successful groups embody.

First, they each have a well-defined purpose. This means both knowing why the team exists in the first place, and what a positive result looks like. Without this foundation, people will create their own reasons for the team’s existence and how best to achieve its goals, and these are bound to conflict.

Clear roles are also vital components of any IIG Events initiative. Confusion is the enemy of productivity, so clearing up any ambiguity regarding who is responsible for what can help teams accomplish their objectives more efficiently.

Once roles are established and purpose defined, it becomes the leader’s job to ensure that a group maintains momentum, even in the face of challenges. One of the most effective ways of doing this involves cultivating a growth-oriented attitude. When people are empowered to look for creative solutions and then implement them, the team becomes an unstoppable force for innovation – and results.

These are just some of the ingredients required to create a successful team. Visit IIG Events’ Newswire page for more information.