The importance of public speaking as a professional skill cannot be overestimated in our collective IIG Events opinion, which is why we make presentation strategies a cornerstone of our training program. These are a few tips we share with our team members:

” Control Your Environment: When we’re scheduled to give an IIG Events presentation, we learn about the venue beforehand. This gives us a chance to acclimate ourselves to the layout of the room, decide how much equipment we’ll need, and make other decisions that will allow us to project confidence.

” Know What Groups Will Be Listening: We do our best to learn about the types of people who will be likely to join our audience. We consider why they’ll be listening – is it required, or completely voluntary? What age groups will be there? Gender mix? Education levels? All these factors impact our speech.

” Meet Individual Listeners as Well: Then, just before the speech, we like to meet individual audience members. This lets us know how accurately we researched who would be listening, and gives us a few friends in the audience with whom we can make eye contact.

The ability to confidently convey information to a group is one of the fastest ways for a person to establish himself or herself as a subject matter expert. This is one of many important reasons we encourage our event managers to become practiced public speakers. For more presentation tips, follow IIG Events on Facebook.